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Featured Project

Ego Lounge

A betting platform where gamers bet on themselves instead of betting on pro e-sports gamers, Ego Lounge is a project that showcases our team's comprehensive expertise. We tackled every aspect of this complex platform, developing a fully custom backend server, integrating 8 different APIs, and implementing multiple authentication strategies. Our dedication to excellence is evident through real-time data streaming to the front end via sockets, a credits betting system, and seamless tournament management. With Discord integration to enhance the user experience, Ego Lounge is the ultimate destination for passionate gamers seeking thrilling challenges and rewards. As our user base grows, we remain committed to continuous improvement, ensuring Ego Lounge remains at the forefront of the gaming world.

Featured Project

Plan Away

A booking platform for extended vacations where you can manage all details related to your booking in just one stop. Comparable to booking.com, Plan Away goes beyond by providing users with customizable itinerary configurations to plan their entire holiday effortlessly. Powered by Storyblok, our platform ensures our clients have full control over the content they provide, enhancing flexibility and ease of use. With Plan Away, travelers can now embark on their dream vacations with confidence, knowing that every detail is expertly organized and tailored to their preferences.

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E-sports games amateur tournaments organization and betting platform

A betting platform built for amateur e-sports gamers, fully integrated with Discord, Steam, and Epic Games. The perfect platform for gamers with a competitive spirit who want to also gain from their skills without having to play in the professional leagues.

Plan Away

Booking platform

A comprehensive booking platform designed for extended vacations, offering a seamless experience in managing all aspects of your booking in one convenient location. Comparable to booking.com, Plan Away goes beyond by providing users with customizable itinerary configurations to plan their entire holiday effortlessly.

Buds Bunnies Club

Non-fungible token

We were responsible for the entire website development, encompassing all aspects of the project. From front-end design to contract development, integration, and wallet connections, we handled it all. However, the most noteworthy feature is our meticulously crafted front end. It showcases our expertise in creating visually appealing and user-friendly experiences, effectively capturing the essence of the project.

ERC World

NFT marketplace

An innovative NFT marketplace, expertly crafted with Next.js as the robust backend framework and React.js as the dynamic from tend. Our platform is dedicated to revolutionizing the way enthusiasts interact with non-fungible tokens, offering a seamless and user-friendly experience. With Next.js powering the backend, we ensure exceptional performance and scalability, while React.js enables an engaging and intuitive frontend for effortless navigation.

Gumma Acho CPA

Premium accounting services

Gumma Acho CPA is a remarkable one-stop shop for all your accounting needs. The platform is focused on fostering strong client relationships, delivering outstanding financial and professional services.